Becca (piccoloslove) wrote in thequestionclub,

so there is these two books im trying to remember.
actually one is a book series. maybe they both are? i don't know, its been ages since i read them.

the first one was about this weird school, and there was a whole bunch of floors but one of the floors was missing. one of the characters went to that floor somehow and was stuck reading a dictionary for ever but escaped somehow. and maybe a part where a computer was tossed out the window?

the second one i know for sure is a book series. It was about this small town that had an old abandoned mental hospital that was haunted. and each book was based off a story from a patient that lived in the hospital, and each one had an item that every time this guy found it either the memory would come back to him from the person or something like that.

i havnt read these books since i was in middle school so that was in the late 90's.
i tried but all i get are links for actual haunted mental hospitals and a book series for "My Weird School". I know the weird school isnt it because the date says 2004 and thats to late.

does any of this ring any bells? its been bugging me on and off for a year or two. :/


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