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Uh, Help.

Hey guys I have seen some of you around before but never posted to this comm. I don't have anyone to talk to about this right now.

I just gave two weeks notice at my job. I don't have another job.

Now that I have calmed down I realize that I don't have a lot of prospects and I am very scared. At my current job I was making $15/hour, and I can't see being able to do what I gotta do for less than maybe $13. My boyfriend just had to go on partial unemployment, so we are kinda broke -- I don't have the luxury of enjoying my employment.

What should I do?

Edit: I know it seems rash -- this came after repeated attempts to get my boss to even have a dialogue with me about the issues that I was having, mainly -- no raise in 2.5 years, responsibilities tripled, making less than two male coworkers who have comparable amounts of responsibility, being called sexist names and spoken about crudely by other workers.
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