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I had a job interview bright and early on Monday morning, which went pretty well - the HR manager told me that the president of the company had seen my resumé and wanted to speak with me himself, but something had suddenly come up and he couldn't. At the end of my interview/tour of the building, the HR manager told me that she'd give me a call for a second interview with the president as soon as she got in touch with him. I have not heard from her yet and it's 3:30 on Wednesday. When do you think I should call to follow up? Is it too soon? I don't want to seem annoying or desperate, even though I kind of am... :T (desperate, that is)

DK/DC: What's the last little thing that made you happy?
I just got home from the dog park. I love watching my puppydog run around with other goggies. I wish I had room for a friend for her here!

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