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I need this to be true, people.

I was in Clearwater, Florida (from upstate NY) a few weeks ago, and put my name in a raffle for a trip to the bahamas at a Cici's restaurant.

I got a voicemail message today from Bahama Getaways saying that I had won, and to call 727-456-6060 ext. 208 (in case you're extremely bored or REALLY want to hear all the details and help me out) to listen to a recording of all of the trip details/terms and conditions. One of the terms and conditions is that this is in no way related to any sort of timeshare/sales pitch. The prize is a 4 day/3 night stay at the Bell Channel Hotel in Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island, transportation not included. The recording I heard when I called the number says the prize comes with a cruise option to leave from ft. lauderdale, FL for a 6-hour cruise there and back, as well as an extra night at the hotel (so, 5 days/4 nights) for an extra payment of 39.95/person for 3 months (so, a total of $240 for both my fiance and I). It also that you have to make the first payment in order to have the vacation package w/ the cruise and hotel vouchers mailed to you, but that if you choose not to use the cruise-option, you can send that voided portion back after your trip for a full refund. I called and spoke to a woman to clarify that the payment must be made in order to even recieve the package, which is that part that seems fishy to me. On the other hand, I've had terrible luck forever and ever and would really like to believe something nice is happening to me. And even with the payments, they're asking for, that is an insanely low price for what I would be getting.
If it matters, my fiance and both of his grandparents entered the raffle, as well. None of them got this phone call. I would think if it was a scheme, they'd be offering it to everyone? But I really have no idea, and with my history, it's probably too good to be true.

How do I know if this is legit?

Do I make the first payment to recieve the vacation package?
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