Anyone with that many tattoos... (there_she_went) wrote in thequestionclub,
Anyone with that many tattoos...

Credit Shenanigans.

You sign into your online "Tag" checking account, and they've offered you a credit card. You apply, and get that "hahahaha no" letter in the mail, yet when you sign on 4 days later you see that your account is listing that card as one of your account dealies. You don't have the card yet, how long do you wait for it to arrive before you freak out?

*For the record, I waited oh, about 10 seconds, called and they said it should be on its way.

Have you ever been denied for a credit card and then got it anyways? Why is credit so confusing? Which is the dumbest credit card to possibly have?

EDIT: Called again, paranoid me. Turns out they let you know via the online site whether or not you get the card before they even ship the card out. It got shipped out today. Weird.
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