mprfctn (mprfctn) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have a friend whose dad died friday night. This friend and I usually text a lot daily, and the last time we talked was saturday afternoon when he told me. The conversation was short, just him telling me, and I told him I'm sorry etc.

I am not good with these sort of things.

I know its only monday night, should I give him more time (in case he's with family) or should I just send something saying "hello"? I kinda want to just see that he's alright but I have NO idea what to say. He doesn't talk about his feelings and I don't want to be or come off as intrusive :/

So what should I send him, since I already gave him my condolences?

Or should I just leave him alone? How long should I not bother him, if that's the answer?

ETA: Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I bundled all your advice up. I let him know I'm here if he needs anything. He said he's not really talking to anyone and he pretty much broke my heart (for him). He just needs some space, I'd probably be the same way. But thank you all, you made me much less awkward than I would have been.
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