Mariah (halrenna) wrote in thequestionclub,

Where I work we make plant nutrient products. Among our line is a group of mycorrhizal products intended to promote root health. You add them to your soil and a burgeoning colony of mycorrhizae, bacteria and trichoderma blooms forth.

These products typically come in a very fine powder form.

We've recently gotten a new product that has a white powder and so many companies go with a name to play on that. Anyway, out of curiosity, I looked inside (they give me bottles to size our labels by and often use bottles that have already had product added). They also showed me what a competitor's container looked at as well and out of curiosity I glanced in there as well (it wasn't white!).

My coworker, who was there when I looked, told me after I replaced the lid that the mycorrhizal powders are actually extremely dangerous and that you aren't supposed to mess with them. Nobody ever told me that before! And there's certainly no warning whatsoever on the labels.

He informed me out boss opens them, though, and that people who buy the products and use them for their systems "probably" don't wear any protective gear, but that at the factory and such they all wear full on protective gear with masks and everything. He went on to say you probably don't want to be around breathing it in and then casually left the room.

He seemed entirely serious about this!

Am I going to get some sort of crazy, lethal fungal infection from opening two containers of powdered mycorrhizae, TQC? Is there a mycologist in the house?
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