lovaajn (lovaajn) wrote in thequestionclub,

 You guys, this weekend my dad surprised me with an extremely extravagant, but VERY unneeded, gift.  He doesn't do these things often, but when he does, he goes big.  However, I hate it when he does this, because it doesn't fit my personality.  How can I explain to my dad that I feel uncomfortable with what he does, as I like practical gifts, without making him think I'm not appreciative for all that he does for me (including these gifts)?   Because I am so grateful, and he is a wonderful dad....but, I think he just thinks that because I am a female, I expect expensive gifts.  When I'd actually really appreciate the occasional, like, grocery store gift card instead - REALLY appreciate it, actually.

I feel like I have attempted to explain myself a billion times, but he just laughs it off....

if you dk/dc, what is the last thoughtful gift you received from someone you love?  Or the last thoughtful gift you gave?
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