mprfctn (mprfctn) wrote in thequestionclub,

how do you cut out the people who are "bad for you" from your life?

(i know you'll probably just say "cut them out" but i'm sure some of you maybe know where i'm coming from, and that just "cutting them out" isn't as easy as it sounds. i have two guys i just want out of my life.)

will you tell me a time when you did this?

tl;dr backstory.

guy one is a friend of almost 5 years... who turned into a FWB for the past 2.5 years now. he'll find a girl he maybe likes and stop talking to me altogether. by the time i get over it and i'm ready to just cut ties, he'll be over that girl and want to sleep with me again and get all sweet and come over and cuddle until i fall for it again. he also has this on/off girlfriend and EVERY time they break up he'll come back to me.
...but he HAS been my friend for 5 years now.

guy two i've known for 3 years now. i've always had a huge "school-girl crush" on him. he showed up after us not talking for over two years and strung me along thinking we'd get into a relationship. he's amazingly sweet (when he is around) and WAY out of my league and amazing in bed. but he only comes around maybe twice a month now (as opposed to once a week after we started talking again) and doesn't answer ANY texts or calls anymore unless he wants to come over and fuck.
...i'm almost afraid to say "no" now because i feel like he's the best i'll ever get.

these two guys are dbags and i should find someone worth my time? y/n?

also related: how do you go about meeting new people? i have a feeling i need new friends and new guys to interest me, and i've been in a rut for years now.

ETA: y'all are making me cry. i know it's what i needed to hear, but no one has ever said it... but you're sweet internet-strangers.
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