Naboom (plugmebaby) wrote in thequestionclub,

my SO usually comes over to my place to smoke up, and last night, after two days of going without any, he smoked two cones in ~two minutes. he felt alright for about 15 minutes then excused himself to go to the bathroom, when he fell on the floor and passed out for a few seconds. when he regained consciousness he looked ok (at this point i didn't know he had fallen) and he began to power walk to my bedroom, where he stopped near a pillar and dropped his flip flops and just stood there, dazed. by now his face was PALE as fuck. i had never seen someone so pale! i laid him down, gave him some water and could feel him sweating bullets. when he felt better, he said he felt like everything was going too fast and that his vision was cloudy and that my house seemed really really cramped. he also said that when he fainted he couldn't remember where he was.

i've googled and it doesn't sound like just another case of dehydration...the symptoms don't match up. do you think the weed was laced with something? and if so, what do u think it was? i smoked only one cone and was alright, my brother was stoned but not disoriented. we've both smoked up for years but never passed out from it.
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