Herpity durrr. (kaz_lynx) wrote in thequestionclub,
Herpity durrr.

Yadda yadda yadda

Oh hey TQC, time for another ~relationship question~

Recap: met dude at bar in November, seems pretty awesome, we get friendly and start hanging out regularly, then we start boning. Non-awkward FWB turns into [what I thought was] a weird quasi-serious relationship. Good company, great sex, we enjoy watching pirated TV shows and movies and going to local restaurants together, etc. He helped me move my shit into my new place when I moved into the city just before Jan 1. Things seem generally pretty groovy.

After New Year's Eve, less sex, less communication. Always "busy" (i.e. doesn't want to leave his house because _______), has never accepted an invitation to come over to my apartment after I moved downtown, rarely answers texts. The last time we had a conversation that lasted more than 20 minutes was over the Steam server, RE L4D2 and my computer issues. The last time I tried to initiate sexytime he just rolled over and fell asleep (to be fair, he was kind of tired. But he went from "totally into handjob" to "zzzz" in about a minute). Last week I popped into the bar to get a beer/say hello to him, but left earlier than usual to not seem "too eager" or whatever (intentionally snubbing him, yes I am passive-aggressive and stupid). Yesterday I spent a very un-intimate night as his place, this morning we played videogames for a few hours and then I went home. Hasn't answered the cursory text I sent him at dinnertime, not expecting a reply.

So obviously I've been relegated back into the Friends Zone, yeah?

Any wise words or advice for this sorry sap? Obviously, "Talk to him, you moron" is a given (and I will. Eventually. Maybe. Probably not, because I'm a loooser!)

If none of this makes sense/is completely stupid and trivial, it's all the beer's fault!

DK/DC - what are some of your favourite emoticons? I am fond of :D, >:C and :I

ETA Pfffhahaha, sorry about that. You guys told me pretty much what I already knew but didn't want to hear. Thanks <3 :)
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