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I've been googling off and on all day and have come up with mixed opinions on the matter.

If you've ever had mono before, how did terrible did you feel and for how long?

If you were in university when you got mono, how did you handle your classes? Were your professors generally understanding or not?

Was there anything that made you feel significantly better or more rested while sick?

EDIT: Did you go to class with mono? How terrible would it be if I did?

I am showing every symptom except for fever and my doctor is pretty sure I have it, but I can't get the test until Tuesday because my sore throat first presented this past Tuesday and she said I needed to wait a week. I have classes tomorrow through Thursday this week, as well as my first exam this Thursday. I really can't afford to miss a single class this early in the semester, and I'm incredibly anxious about what to do and how long I'll feel this completely drained/woozy. I still need to do my readings for a really important class tomorrow, but I've been sleeping pretty constantly for the past two days and I'm struggling to stay awake right now.

Is there any other illness that causes very swollen lymph nodes, extreme exhaustion, and lack of appetite? My doctor prescribed me an antibiotic (Z Pack) just in case it was bacterial, but it definitely isn't strep and seeing as I haven't noticed any sort of improvement from the medicine after two days, I'm not real optimistic about it. Yesterday I went to the museum to take care of some homework for a class, and just walking a block had me feeling like I was ready to pass out. I've never felt like this before. Yes I know, asking the internet is not very intelligent, but I'm seeing my doctor Tuesday and I'm just anxious about how tomorrow is going to go/what I can do to get these reading assignments done. They are the driest texts ever. :(

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