Jennifer (~*PROUD OBOT!!!*~ - Long Island, NY) (jaded110) wrote in thequestionclub,
Jennifer (~*PROUD OBOT!!!*~ - Long Island, NY)

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My arches will thank you for your advice.

I'm a size 12 shoe, and usually the only real place I can afford to buy shoes (nice shoes that are in my size, that is) are in Payless or Avenue. I tend to wear flat shoes (chuck taylors, flats, etc) and I have trouble walking in high heels. I normally buy one set of shoes at a time (yes I know, I'm cheap okay?) so the store can't be too expensive. I also have flat arches, so my feet hurt when I walk around too much.

Basically, my question is: where is a good store to get shoes and boots with a short, chunky heel?
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