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I'm 24 and finally at the point where if I can apply for financial aid on my own as an independent. This is fantastic because although my parents are living off one income for 3 children and just getting by, I haven't lived with them for 4 years and I still had to be considered a dependent so I didn't qualify for a dime of financial aid.

I applied the other day and it said my EFC (estimated family contribution) is 9861. I have no idea what this means. I googled the be-jesus out of it and it still isn't very clear. FAFSA said this isn't a dollar for dollar amount, meaning 9861 does not equal $9,861 I'd have to contribute. I certainly hope not because I just bought a house and have zero dollars left to myself.

Anyone good with financial aid business and have any clue what this means?

If you don't know and/or care do you love the movie Overboard. I sure do.
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