longlongwaytogo (longlongwaytogo) wrote in thequestionclub,

The Power!

Okay, I get that some people believe in the power of prayer. Does it work like this though?

Someone says they're really worried about someone, perhaps they've gone missing for a few days, and please, keep them in your prayers. The person in question shows up again a few days later, with no harm done to them and confused about the fuss. Someone responds saying "Oh it's so great they were fine! Power of prayer!! :D"

... see, I think it's more you prayed and panicked unnecessarily there (other than making yourself feel better), not that the prayer made them safe... retroactively (if that's the right term). I get that it was a good result. But did prayer keep them safe if you started praying two days after they went 'missing'?

I get if it's been someone who's been kidnapped and you know that something bad has happened, then perhaps, if you were religious, it makes sense to say it was the power of prayer.

If you're religious, do you have that sort of understanding of 'the power of prayer'?

Is it similar to my friend refusing to open letters before she blows on them for 'good luck' as if it would change the content of the letter that she's already got in her hand? (used to really confuse me).

If you don't know, what are some weird good luck superstitions some of your friends use?
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