i see you, you see me (deepenmybreath) wrote in thequestionclub,
i see you, you see me

so i decided i want start dressing better because i guess that will help a little with my anxiety and general confidence problems. what sites/magazines/blogs do you look at for inspiration?

i am generally afraid to step out of my comfort zone. i'm plus sized, but am making an effort to lose weight. i am in jeans ALL THE TIME because i think that i have enormous ugly calves and shorts/skirts will be just insulting to people's eyes :( i have a lot of black stuff but i really want to take a step with colours. yay me? i also do not wear makeup because i think i already have a gigantic face-makeup will just draw attention to it. i haven't had a haircut in months and i also never did anything with my hair before. my most expensive haircut was around $10 so you can guess how.....behind i am.

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