Morgan (poo) wrote in thequestionclub,

Guys, can I get an opinion? No one else wants to talk at four a.m.

I'm throwing my friend a surprise picnic for his birthday. He's vegetarian and Asian (this is relevant, I swear). For the menu I'm thinking of doing:
tuna melts (loves tuna) but with really nice sourdough and a nice cheese.
Dessert - I'm making doriyaki (sp?) which are Japanese pancakes with a sweet bean filling, and I might do a tofu custard in two of them.

What else would you put on the menu? A nice, but simple salad? He's not into chips or junk food, really likes Thai/Japanese/Chinese and anything with tofu but also loves fresh greens.

Totally dgaf: what do you use to wash your face, and do you have breakouts? How well does it work.

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