June (bei_en_lun) wrote in thequestionclub,

Soooo.... alright, here goes.

I am considering meeting someone that I met online this weekend. I'm a girl and I am meeting a guy. I have made it clear that I just want to be friends and that I am not looking for a relationship so hopefully that will be respected- from what I can tell of this guy so far, I think he will respect it. Our encounter will be in a very public place- a restaurant and then a pool hall but I am still nervous about something bad happening.

What safety measures should I put into practice? I know that I should definitely tell someone where I am going and when I plan to be back, and plan to call them when I am back and if they haven't heard from me they should call me.

How worried should I be? I kind of have a little bit of male issues... it's hard for me to feel safe around males in general when it's just one on one but I know this may be a bit irrational on my part. I am excited about meeting this person, he seems like a really cool guy and it seems like he could potentially be a good friend. I am not getting a creepy or scary feeling from HIM, but I do kind of have one about the situation- it would be the same no matter what guy I would be meeting up with. What advice do you have for me?
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