kiss me once, goodbye (oncegoodbye) wrote in thequestionclub,
kiss me once, goodbye

 Hi TQC, it's been a long time. 

I graduated in December with my master's degree and haven't worked since the summer since I had to do a full-time, unpaid internship the last semester. I don't have a real job, but I'm a part-time nanny now making eh money. My husband and I had to borrow money from his mom to help us through the last several months of my master's program. 

That being said, my 1st wedding anniversary is in May.  We want to go on a trip because we haven't been anywhere since our honeymoon and are both kinda depressed with our situation. We found an amazing deal on a cruise, but will have to put it on our credit card. Is it worth the debt to take a much needed vacay? 

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