Ekaton (mmyesidosay) wrote in thequestionclub,

What would you do if you KNOW you're going to get sick, in regards to notifying work/school?

Spring is coming up soon, and every year, without fail, the cedar pollen destroys me. No matter what shots or pills I get, I am literally laid out for a week, needing someone to come make me soup and make sure I dont fall over while walking to the bathroom.

It really hurt my grades last year, and I kinda want to notify the profs, but am kinda hesitant to do so, only because Im scared it might sound weird, going 'hey Im gonna be sick for a week sometime in April'. Im scared it would sound like Im planning a vacation and skipping, but I may just be paranoid. I could, of course, provide a doctor's note.

Im not sure why Im so worried about this, just wanted to know how others would handle it.

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