.....said the fool to his majesty (de_throned) wrote in thequestionclub,
.....said the fool to his majesty

My best friend has decided that she wants to quit school today. She's very unhappy in her MS degree. Her experiments never went well and she's been awfully depressed and pretty agitated from the constant failures. I've watched her spiral out of control in terms of her behavior. She used to be very collected and level headed, now she's lost her cool and gets pissy over everything. I wholly stand by her with her decision, because I believe it's the only way she'll stop feeling so bad about life and get her old self back.

The problem right now is her parents. She had told them last week that she is considering, and is more than likely to withdraw from school. They didn't take her seriously at all. They gave me the feeling that they didn't believe my friend had the guts to quit. But I know that the degree is downright torturing her.

How can she break out this news to her conservative asian parents and have them take her seriously?

ETA: My friend is going to find a job and work. After she earns enough money she'd want to pursue a career in props design, which was something she's been wanting to do since high school, but her parents didn't allow.

Don't know/don't care: What is your favorite junk food? I've been seriously obsessed with this caramel popcorn. Mmmm, so good.

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