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If you were to carpool (or if you do) would you or do you charge by the day or the week?

Example: $5 a day. $25 a week.

Charging by the day = They come to school 4/5 days a week and pay $20 at the end of the week
Charging by the week = They come to school 4/5 days a week but still have to pay the full week

I'm asking this because I'm struggling with the decision. At first everyone agreed to charging by the week seeing as I go to school an hour early every day (different degree programs) and stay longer than I have to if I get out early. I was even sick one day and drove them over anyway and went back to get them when they were done. I also figure I've been so accommodating that it shouldn't be much to ask the payment be on time (a month late sometimes). We all get paid the same day and I find myself waiting for certain peoples money longer than others. This is frustrating to no end because I feel like I'm being used.

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