Laika Rising (sunlit_window) wrote in thequestionclub,
Laika Rising


Our house has lots of mice.
And they're getting bolder, exploring more parts of the house (outside of the kitchen).
They range from really big adults, to tiny-just-left-the-nest babies.
They're cute, but dammit, so gross.

We've already caught at least nine, but there are plenty more.

Anyway. The only food source they had was dog food. Our one dog eats half of his food, then munches on it later on. Our other dog inhales hers in ten seconds. So we've started putting his uneaten food on the rolling dishwasher, where the mice can't reach it.

Nothing in our cupboard has been chewed by mice, and there's no evidence of them in the bread box, either.

So what are these mice eating?
Can mice live (and breed) on non-food items?
Are they eating drywall or something?
Is my house going to collapse from mousy-chewed walls and beams?

What do you do for a living?

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