allison vernon-williams (fame) wrote in thequestionclub,
allison vernon-williams

So TQC, you've got this stupid car that can't be worked on by Joe Mechanic, it has to be taken to the fucking dealership every fucking time it has a problem (which is fairly fucking often). There are two dealerships you've dealt with: the first, Dealership H, you've dealt with ever since you've started buying these shittily overpriced cars twenty years ago; and the second, Dealership G, whom you've dealt with on and off since purchasing your last car through them (though Dealership H found it for you).

It's one of those times when your shitty car has broken down, and you take it to your regular mechanic at Dealership H. He quotes you $3,200.00 for everything. You think this sounds a little high, so you consult another mechanic at Dealership G. Dealership G can do everything H can do for $1750, including labor. You call those bastards as Dealership H back and tell them that, and they say they can match down to that price.

Teal Deer: your regular mechanic (Dealership H) quotes you $3,200 for repairs. An alternate mechanic (Dealership G) quotes you $1,750. Your regular mechanic can suddenly match that price.

Who do you pursue repairs with?

Dealership H
Dealership G

and why?

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