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Fleeing to NYC for our mental health.

Thank you kindly for all the Chicago recommendations and the like! My friend and I talked it over, and we're actually going to duck out on a class or two and extend it a few days. That means we're ditching Chicago for - wait for it - New York!

So, I need a bit more help.

Dear New Yorkers, or those familiar with the city:

1. What should we do or see? We're up for almost anything, from shopping to museums and everything in-between.

2. Any hotel recommendations? We don't plan to be there very much - mainly, we just need somewhere safe to keep our clothes, laptops, etc. Money's not a problem, but ritzy hotels would be wasted on us, since we don't plan to be there much. Any hotels we should absolutely avoid?

3. Any food/restaurant recs? We're especially keen to find a good sushi bar or two, but would appreciate any recs, be they fine dining or awesome little greasy spoons.

4. Any club/bar recs? Finding something to do Saturday night that we can both agree on shall be difficult indeed.

We think we'll be getting there Saturday (2/13) afternoon and leaving Wednesday afternoon (2/17) (dates not set in stone).
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