bleh (seberia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Thanks to the dog post...

Can some one convince me that leaving my dog in California was a good idea?

I know it's a good idea, but it kills me at the same time. :( I love my dog. Never loved a dog like her. But she is missing a leg, hates going out when it's like under 50 degrees and won't step on wet grass to do her business. She has a bit of hip displaysia in the remaining back leg, but has meds for it and its working wonders. And my mom needs someone to take care of cause I was the baby and I am now almost 3,000 miles away. Also, this is Northwest Ohio.

When have you had to do something for a pet that you knew was best for them but killed you?
Do your pets have favorite humans? Or do they just love everyone equally?
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