Nikki (happinesstrail) wrote in thequestionclub,

Shoes? Anyone?

Basically: my feet are hard to find shoes for, I just graduated and have lost alternative cardio methods, but running results in toe bunions, blisters, bleeding, bruising, etc. I run a little now and then anyway because the problem is shoes, and I just keep buying ones that seem to work in the store.

The one true shoe for me was the New Balance 411- now discontinued and not even online anymore in my size (7B). I know the style is SL-2, (wide toebox, narrow heel and arch) but I cannot tell if any SL-2 will work and can't find them in stores- thus, I'd like to look into buying a version as close to 411 as possible.

Do you know what the new version of the old NB 411 is?
If not, do you have a wide toebox with a narrow heel and narrow/high arch and have shoes that you can run and run and run in? What are they?

(Yes, trusty Google & shoe store "helpers" have failed me.)
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