bleh (seberia) wrote in thequestionclub,

I know I keep asking about my travel plans, but this is my first time not having some one tell me what to do every step of the way. I need your help, TQC

So, we live in like... South Western Toledo, almost into Holland, and we are flying out Feb 4th. We have to fly out of Detroit. I'm from California, and snow is not stuff I really drive in. I have a cousin who might possibly be willing to drive me and Dan to the airport, and then pick us back up.

What is a good game plan for this? We fly out of Detroit at 7:55AM, we're taking Southwest, and we're going to check in online and then print out tickets there. When should we be there? When should we by the latest leave? We're hitting Chicago both ways, is that a cool airport? Is Detroit a cool airport? Should I bring my laptop? Will it be allowed in my carry on?

Should I ask my cousin to take care of my cat, or my neighbor? My cousin I would consider far more responsible, and I wouldn't worry about anything, but she couldn't make it down here every single day. But my neighbor is kinda the standard early 20's person who drinks a lot and we're all pretty sure he smokes hell of pot. My cat has lung issues, I worry about him smoking in here.

What can I do?! I'm so at wits end with all this. HALP.
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