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tl;dr about my cat, but I would really appreciate if you read it and could give me any advice :(

My family has been dealing with my cat and her issues for I don't even know how many years now. One day, a plumber accidentally scared her away from her litter box when she tried to go use it and she hasn't been back in that room since. Since then, she has taken to peeing in various places in our house. She's been to the vet countless times, never ends up with UTIs, and she was on an anxiety-ish medication for a while. We think she developed a surface preference for not-litter. She has a litter box in my bedroom with very little of a specific litter, and she uses it more often than not. But, lately she's taken to my bed, and she only does it when I'm either not around, or I'm sleeping (I have a big bed to myself, it's not like she's peeing on me, btw). We have the enzyme sprays, we clean everything really well, we have a kind of bed-wetters mattress pad on my bed so should this happen it doesn't soak through to my mattress, we cater to her the best we know how to, but we think she just likes things like carpet and apparently my quilt and I guess dislikes the box. Even when she uses the box, she won't cover it. She'll lean over the side and try to swipe at the floor.

My dad keeps saying he can't take this anymore. Last time this happened (when we came home from spending a few days with family to a spot on my bed), he said I either have to do something about it, or she has to go. But I don't know what he wants me to do short of not going back to school this semester and also never sleeping so I can keep an eye on her. I'm at my wits end just as much as he is and it's even more frustrating to me because I see her use her box, she knows it's the right thing to do, she just doesn't like it or something. So what can I do? We can't afford anything like new sheets for my bed or another visit to the vet right now.

And if my dad tells me we can't keep her, is there anything I can do to a) make sure she's somewhere where she's atleast comfortable and not gonna get put-down at the drop of a hat, and b) cope? This may sound ridiculous, but this cat means everything to me, she is my baby. Most of the reason we still have her even now is because I love her so much, and that makes me feel bad because my dad wouldn't have tolerated it for this long otherwise. I can't even think about getting rid of her without crying uncontrollably. I'm crying just typing about it right now.

Any advice would be great. Or hugs or something. :(
And I'm sorry this is kind of long-winded, and I don't have a tl;dr version, but I would appreciate if you could help me.

Alternative question: What is the hardest thing you've gone through regarding a pet?

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