Madison (xdontxyouxwish) wrote in thequestionclub,

inspired by my sister

my older sister got induced this morning around 7am and it's now around 3:30 pm and her water just broke. the baby is already a week late.

how long until i get to meet my niece?

if you had chilrden, how long were you or your wife/girlfriend in labor for?

how long was your mom in labor for when she had you? what about your siblings?

my mom had my older sister when she was really young and said she had a really hard pregnancy/labor with her. she said my birth was the easiest and that it was 3 hours between her water breaking and me being born. my brother was a week late and i remembered she was in the hospital which seemed like forever. my baby sister was breached so my mom had a c-section.

EDIT: got text from my sister's boyfriend - baby is coming now! woo hoo!
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