umbluemusic (umbluemusic) wrote in thequestionclub,

How much are you spending on books this semester?

I just spent $250; $150 was to rent three books, and $100 was for a book and workbook. The three rented books are basically brand new, the bought book was used and workbook was new. I still need three books, but there is a possibility I can get through Political Theory using a Political Philosophy book from ages ago, so I need to find that. And two I will be getting online for much cheaper at, so I should manage to keep my books below $350 this semester.

Do you try to buy used or new?

Used. I generally view new books as a ripoff and avoid them whenever possible. Textbooks are ridiculously priced.

If you didn't have to buy textbooks, what would you use the money for?

Something fun. Taking a road trip for a weekend and visiting family and friends in Baltimore and Philly.

Have you rented textbooks before? (I just discovered this and I find it awesome.)

How much of a scam are textbook companies running with "online textbooks"?

You basically give them money for a textbook on your computer, and you get it for 180 days. They make money for basically doing nothing, providing you nothing, and it makes me annoyed. If I'm still going to have to pay $50, it should sing and dance and take my tests too. Virtual textbooks should cost like, $25.

If you aren't in school, couldn't care less about textbooks, and think I'm dumb for taking a study break to ask about them, do you like jelly beans? I am eating Jelly Belly's superfruit mix of them right now, and I am loving it. Mmmm.
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