. (heysmilepretty) wrote in thequestionclub,

So where I live, it snowed/rained/sleeted yesterday, and then froze overnight - the roads are covered with black ice. My boss told everyone in my office earlier this morning that our day was being pushed back to start at 9:30 or 10 (as opposed to 8:30 or 9) as of "now," which was ~7:30, and that she'd reassess the situation when she spoke with her dad (the owner of the company) at around 9 or 9:15. It is now 9:15.

Magic 8-ballTQC, Will I have to go into work today??

I do not have to go into work today! I do have to do some stuff for my job at home, though, but I get to put my PJs back on and do it in my PJs so it's not so bad!! :D

What are YOU doing today?
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