Leslie (lissleology) wrote in thequestionclub,

The other evening my roommate and I were walking to my car from the grocery store around 9:30pm and we see this girl sobbing. As we're putting our stuff in the car, she approaches us and tells us that she just got in a fight with her boyfriend and he kicked her out of his apartment. Then she says she only needs $35 to rent a hotel room and she's "really really embarrassed to ask" us for some money. We both reply that we don't have any cash with us and she thanks us and walks away. As we're driving away, we reconsider and don't mind losing a few dollars. We find her on the other side of the parking lot and she's getting into a car (and it doesn't look like she's crying anymore), so we drive away.

Do you think she was telling the truth? What would you have done?

What's the last thing a stranger asked you for?
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