Sara Lynn (saralynn) wrote in thequestionclub,
Sara Lynn

too legit to quit

I had my purse stolen on the train ride home from work tonight. I still have my security badge and train card, so I CAN get to work tomorrow.

However I'd rather spend the day getting a new ATM card, getting a new ID, and get new keys made for the apartment. Is this a legitimate excuse to not go to work? I'd have someone to cover for me, as it'll be slow and I probably won't need to be there.

I called out for exhaustion a week or so ago, if this makes a difference.

Ever had anything stolen in a public place?

added: Do you think I should worry about changing my locks if the ID in my purse doesn't have the right address? I can't think of a way he'd be able to find out where I live to use it. It'd probably cost me money to have the locks changed in the apartment, I'm guessing.
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