June (bei_en_lun) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I recently broke up with my boyfriend. While it was me that was the breaker upper, things are still hard. It's been about a week since the event and I am finding that I hate nighttime. I feel really lonely and I miss having someone and I miss our nighttime routine of watching movies together and hanging out with our dog. I don't like to be bored because then my mind gets to wandering to recent events and I just get all upset. I need to busy myself more.

What can I do to distract myself? I've exhausted joost and hulu for online movie watching but I recently found watch-movies-online.tv and some movies work and some don't. Do you have any recommendations for feel good movies for me to watch? Please no romances or tearjerkers, I don't need that shit right now.

What else can I do to make myself feel better at night? I'm tired of feeling restless and antsy.

ETA: How long would you say is okay for me to drink to drown in my sorrows? I haven't been drinking every night since the breakup but my alcohol consumption has definitely increased.

ETA again: If you've never had Arbor Mist, don't waste your fucking time. My sister and I bought some today and now I find out its only 6% alc by volume and it tastes like shit to boot. Guh.
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