Sarah (hardluckwomen) wrote in thequestionclub,

For those who are married: How did you pick your maid of honor or best man?

I ask because I recently got engaged and told my two best friends. One has been my friend for ages but we haven't been hanging out a lot and she has been distant. She also reacted negatively about the engagement because she dislikes the guy. The other one was my roommate in college and is my best friend. And while she doesn't love the guy, she was very excited to hear about the engagement. I asked her to be my maid of honor and she said yes.

So how do I tell my other friend that I just want her to be a bridesmaid without her being really pissed? She expects to be the MOH because she wants me to be hers.


One hates him because he wouldn't add her on facebook. lol

The other didn't like him because we broke up once and because he doesn't go out and prefers to play video games. However, she is coming around and like him. She also is very organized and has time to be the maid of honor while the other is busy with work and her baby.
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