Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

I used iTunes as my default music thinger for forever. When I updated to Win7, I got Songbird, based on some recommendations and the promise that it also worked with my ipod shuffle. (turns out this is an addon, which hasn't been updated lately, I haven't tried it because I'm not sure I'll keep songbird)
I've had Songbird for a few weeks now, and, eh, I'm not feeling it.

Features I miss from iTunes:
-Ability to uncheck a track. I want to keep my Eddie Izzard, HHGTTG etc tracks, but I don't want them to play unless I actually select them.
-Volume balancing? Possibly a win7 problem, but now I have some songs that are way louder than some other songs.
-More intelligent "random" feature -- Why do I have tracks that have played 3 times when 3/4 of my playlist hasn't played once, and why do I sometimes get the same song twice within 3 songs?

Features of Songbird that I really like:
-Addable widgets that do things like find lyrics (crowdsourced lyrics, I think, not album-liner ones, because sometimes they have interesting spelling or cool stuff like chords)
-Doesn't try to get me to install Safari and other crap
-Not as huge as iTunes when it's running. (these two are the main things that got me to consider an alternative)

So internets, what do you recommend? I'd like compatibility with a shuffle, I know that's at least a little restrictive. Am I doomed to have to keep itunes for updating my shuffle and just use something else to not drag the shit out of my system if I want to do a lot of stuff at once?
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