Lost in the world, playing the blame game. (rubberheadz_inc) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lost in the world, playing the blame game.

For the new year i've decided that i'm going to develop healthier eating habits, and the first step i've made so far is by making sure that I eat a salad at least once a day, everyday.
Unfortunately salad is a very boring food a lot of the time, even with dressing, so I decided to start sprinkling shredded and/or grated cheese on it to add more flavor, and now I won't eat a salad unless there's cheese on it.

Do you think eating salad with shredded cheese on it is a bad/not-so-healthy idea? What are some other things that you think can be used to add flavor to a salad besides meat?

ETA: Thanks for the advice everyone!
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