Fop Cat in a Top Hat (ekesobriquet) wrote in thequestionclub,
Fop Cat in a Top Hat

What are your interesting public bathroom stories?

Today I went to the bathroom and a guy was using one of the urinals with his pants and undies around his knees. I definitely was not expecting an eyeful of hairy manbutt.

A month or so ago I was in a stall ready to get out and some guy walked in and had what sounded like a Tourette's fit. He said in a very loud voice, upon looking in on the other stall, "IF MY CHILDREN DID THIS I WOULD PUNISH THEM. SOME DAY I WILL HAVE FOUR CHILDREN, THEIR NAMES WILL BE...(names). MY FATHER WOULD PUNISH ME WHEN I DID THIS AND HE TAUGHT ME WELL. MY CHILDREN WOULD NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS." After he left I took a look in the stall and it seemed fine so it wasn't anything horrific either.
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