Liz (itsme_b) wrote in thequestionclub,

Relationship help-PLZ

I have hung out with this guy 4 times. 2 times being my birthday and NYE. One time was a date, and the other was just at a bar with our friends. That said, I was wasted 75% of the time we spent together. I never really saw him as a guy I wanted to be with, esp post date.

I am not interested in him. He calls a LOT. My dad suggested the most gentle, non confrontational way out was to just start ignoring him completely. I did for a few days then I felt like I was awful, and not being kind.

I texted him today saying I've been sick/busy, and apologized. I was hoping he'd tell me off or something. Not want anything to do with me. He texts back "Oh, sorry to hear! Call me when you can, we'll catch up!" Totally did the wrong thing by giving him false hope. Karma, I guess? What, non confrontational, thing can I say/do to give him the hint? I hate being mean, and harsh with guys. :/

If you are not interested in helping me with THIS problem, I don't have any other question for you in this post. SORRY. Help me :/
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