allison vernon-williams (fame) wrote in thequestionclub,
allison vernon-williams

TQC, we buy a lot of stuff in bulk at club stores (sams, etc) and also stock up when things are on sale (we seriously have 10 things of Parkay squeeze in the deep freezer downstairs :\). It has become a point of contention in my household as to who goes downstairs and replaces the last product used of something.

Who should replace the last product used?

The lucky dog who got the last of it!
The poor sucker who got the empty container!

I want to rearrange the setup of my room. The way it looks now is

Any ideas on how I can change it up a bit?

For those of you who have lived in both Canada and America--which do you prefer? Bagged milk, or milk from a jug/carton?
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