creativepseudonym (creativepseudo) wrote in thequestionclub,

Give me advice?

- I'm a black girl. I go to a magnet science and tech school where there are hardly any hispanic/black people.
- Students aren't necessarily racist most of the time, but they don't see any problem with saying hurtful things to my face about how there aren't any black people at my school/I don't have to worry about college admissions since I'm black.
- I was accepted ED into a pretty well known place. I was the only student from my school to get in ED.

We're having a lame Congress simulation in AP Gov't. I'm the 'president.' Each class member authors a bill and at the end of the simulation I get to choose whether to pass it (giving the student extra cred) or not, explaining my rationale to the class.
A lot of my classmates made these bills banning affirmative action. I personally see nothing wrong with affirmative action within reasonable limits.

Whatever you think politically aside, do you think I should:
- Reject the bills, explaining why? People are going to say stuff/talk shit about how I rejected it because of my situation, but it is what I believe.
- Just accept them? I'll feel like a sell-out for a while, but no one will say anything to my face that'll make me feel like punching them. Plus, after this year I won't ever have to see this people ever again.

What would you do? ):

Edit: I think I've just been a little beaten down lately and that made me question things -- I'm totally going to reject these people in the most informative way I can. Thank you so, so, so, so, so, so much, TQC.
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