Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated (tempest_omouthy) wrote in thequestionclub,
Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated

Ghost Adventures on The Soup?

Guys, I am DESPERATE to find the clip of the Ghost Adventures d-bags making fun of themselves on The Soup from a few weeks ago! I have found some links, but they all say the video has been removed by user - do you guys know of somewhere else to look or something better to Google that might lead to SUPER SEEKRET results? It's for Aerynmoo, if you like her better than me! Thanks for any help!


Now that I have proved my super sleuth skills (but not before asking for help like a not so super sleuth), new questions time!

How did these a-holes get a show?

Will you try to incorporate DUDEBRO into your everyday vernacular?

How much would you love to be haunted by Joel McHale?
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