Emily (mgabzy69) wrote in thequestionclub,


So, uh, genitalia question under the cut...

So my guy and I just got back together after about 7 months of passive-aggression, etc. We never used to use condoms but did the last time I saw him, because, well, its been 7 months and I'm a total whore.

I've never LIKED rubbers, but I've also never had one irritate me to the point where I was so swollen it looked like 2 halves of a hard-boiled egg were hanging out of my crotch, either. And it BURNED, thats why I made him stop so I could see what was up. For the record, Dr. LJ, we used a Durex with an orange wrapper.

So tell me, has something like this ever happened to you?
Do you think its the latex or something in whatever lube they used?

For the rest of you, what color are you sheets right now? I just bought really nice green ones because winter was depressing me and I wanted spring-colored sheets.

ETA: I'm going to a doctor in real life tomorrow guys, I was just curious if it ever happened to any of you
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