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Help me with dinner?

Hiya, TQC.

I want to make a new pasta dish from a cookbook I got for Christmas. It's really simple and I have most of the ingredients already. It's just pasta with a pesto sauce, but it sounds yummy and it looks yummy. As an added bonus, I'm cooking for my fiance and myself, and my fiance loves trying new things. It's his first day back to work after a two-week break, so I figure he could use a nice dinner and some relaxation.

Anyways... I need to go pick up the last couple of ingredients, a bottle of wine, and.... something.

I'm drawing a blank on the "something". I want some kind of fish, I think. Maybe shrimp or some scallops? In any event, some kind of protein, preferably seafood.

What would you recommend, TQC? The pesto is pretty basic: garlic, pine nuts, mint and Parmesan cheese. The wine I'm shooting for will be something white and a little dry. The seafood the man and I generally end up with is salmon, talapia, or tuna (and shrimp or scallops, depending on prices). I wouldn't mind sticking to what we know, but we're always down with trying something new. My only request is a fish with small bones/no bones is a must. I'm buying the fish fresh, if that makes a difference.

If you think I should do something fancy with the fish (I'll probably just marinade it a little bit with some lemon juice/some of the wine and some garlic), I'd like to know that, too.

Thanks in advance!

Quick edit:

I know mint pesto is different, but I'm not a huge fan of basil. The cookbook said mint makes a good substitute, but I can always use basil if your recommendation is going to be odd with mint. I have to pick up some of [whatever fresh herb] when I go grocery shopping, so the herb choice is still kind of up in the air. I can use basil instead.

Second edit (or, "And the winner is"):

I think scallops wins. I'll use the basil, as so many mentioned that it was better. I'll try the mint another day :) I'll grab a small loaf of super-crunchy bread and things will be very, very yummy later.

Thanks so much for your help!
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