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If this email exchange was all you could read from a novel, what would you imagine the rest of the story is here between the two characters?

Scott's email:

"Hi. Happy New Year etc. Sorry I've been MIA lately but I finally get a day off tomorrow, soon enough to celebrate an arbitrary passing of time! Whatever you're doing hope you have fun. Drunk Melissa. Think about it. ;)"

Melissa's reply:

"Hey, yeah, Happy New Year to ya too. Hope you had a good Christmas and all that.
Was fun hipster hunting with you, and good to know you're not a Napster bot after all, lol.
p.s. If you write any more Skytrain haikus, you know where to send 'em. :P"

Edit (7:25 p.m.):

What actually happened (read after commenting):

FYI the girl is a good friend of mine and this is all true.

Boy and girl met eachother in a Napster chatroom in 1999 and chatted and flirted with each other for months. They lived in the same town, but they were young and nothing ever came of it.

Ten years later, he finds her on Facebook and they meet up for drinks. They hit it off and things are going great, but after a month and a half of dating he suddenly disappears. She's not sure whether she's being blown off or whether the chaos of the holidays is the reason he's stopped texting, so she just waits. After being AWOL for a week he sends that message, and she sends that reply.

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