MK (morlockkid) wrote in thequestionclub,

The Fame Game

What would you choose?

A. You become a popular singer/musician, but in 5 years time NO ONE remembers who you are. The income you made off your one hit-wonder will allow to live comfortably as long as you hold another regular full-time job as a farmer.

B. You become a hit sensation and will forever become a part of pop culture history, you make a lot of money, live the high-life, but then blow it all on gambling, you are forced to retire at the ripe age of 65 and live in a senior community center with just the bare minimums in life.

C. You've given birth to a child prodigy! You put them in the limelight and make a considerable amount of money for them but as a teenager they decide to be emancipated from you and obtain all further profits and become famous and live in a foreign country. You never see them again.

D. You're a talented singer/musician! But don't look right for the part, you're asked to perform while a good-looking-but-talent-less person takes the stage and all the credit. You're given 15% of all profit made off of records and other deals for the life of the fake singer/musician's career.

E. You become a favorite in the local music scene and are rising in fame faster than you can cope. You decide to hire your family members and friends to make the band a success. You produce a few national hits but one of those family members or friends is so enraged with jealousy that they murder you. This heightens your popularity to a level that spawns a movie which results in the making of a successful singing career for someone else.

tl;poll didn't take

EDIT: Extra points for trying to guess the artists who inspired the scenarios or who are applicable!!
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