Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde (devour_theflesh) wrote in thequestionclub,
Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde

This is something that's always bothered me.

When I was in college I read submissions to a literary agency. I came across one that I was pretty sure was written by some kind of pedophile. The guy described the thing as a children's story about a father and a son and their relationship or whatever. But I'm pretty sure no children's story should have the words "erection" or "sexy" in it. Particularly not when these erections are generated by the son (who is four) and held by the father, who is a grown ass man.

I was so freaked out that I just sent a rejection letter and threw the thing away. But my question is, wtf, I am 90% sure that guy is a pedophile, and is there a way to report that sort of thing? I mean, if you actually send that to a reputable literary agency and label it a "children's story," you have a serious serious problem.

In short, how can you report someone as a pedo from a distance?? Obviously I can't do anything at this point, but I've just wondered.<input ... ></input><input ... >
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