choose one of: sky/skye/scott (anunreallife) wrote in thequestionclub,
choose one of: sky/skye/scott

I'm looking for a semi-e-famous fake LJ

Can anyone help me with this?

A few years ago, a group of people started and wrote a fake LJ. The LJ was written from the perspective of a Lovecraftian protagonist. Things I remember about it:
---one of the icons (I think the default) was of a cockroach
---the character was an amateur entomologist
---the character's name was Arthur
---I think the character worked at a library
---I think the LJ got linked on one of the communities for fake LJs about a year or two ago
---I think the character may have posted once or twice on an entomology community

I'm looking for the LJ so I can show it to a friend of mine (since I found it entertaining). Help?

SOLVED. Thank you pahraydolliah!
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