The Notorious TLB (but you can call me Lux) (redpepperflakes) wrote in thequestionclub,
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Canadian, look here... Well, if you care about your mail.

Okay, short story. I have lived in the city I decided to "run away to" for over 7 years and during those, Canada Post has DESTROYED, damaged, LOST, delivered item to the WRONG adress (and told me, basically, TOUGH), berated me, insulted me publically and have had MULTIPLE carriors insult and curse at me over simple, almost idle question about home the post works or in gentle complaint that folded items the were clearly marked at NOT TO FOLD or jammed items to tightly in my post box that they actuallyt couldn't be removed by me but had to wait all day the next day to the post so they could unjam my mail.


So my question is, is it JUST Halifax, or have you other Canadia-Land residents had issues with Canada Post? Or am I just unlucky?

Alternately, was your new year great. un-noticed, just utter shite or whatever other alternative there may be to those options. My own answer is: utter shite, check my journal if you want details. UGH.
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